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Therese Therese

Prior to watching this film I was unaware of Therese of Lisieux having a visionary experience, if not a religious apparition, of Mary. Although I was touched by the content of the story, this film was disappointing in its depiction of a supposed "spoiled child".

While watching the film I felt that the director must have had a stern representative of the Vatican 2 inches behind his back the entire time of shooting—watching to make sure that no matter what, Therese was portrayed as "saintly" even in her "spoiled child" years. If Therese's behavior was such that she had left an indelible impression of a spoiled child, then show it! It would have made the depiction more believable and the outcome of her life even more impactful.

With all the above, I still recommend this film as it will definitley touch the heart of every woman who, as a child (and perhaps still as an adult), had a strong desire to become a nun.

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