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About Dr. Blinston and her Study of Religious Apparitions

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Photograph of Irene Blinston, Ph.D. Dr. Irene Blinston graduated from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, with doctoral specializations in Spiritual Guidance, Creative Expression (the Expressive Arts), and Transpersonal Education and Research. She conducted her doctoral research studying a topic that had never been researched before. A first in the field, she studied the impact and lifelong aftereffects of religious apparitions experienced in childhood.
An experiencer herself, Dr. Blinston had no idea the impact this research would have on her own life. She wrote in her dissertation,
After conducting the data analysis and reviewing the findings, it became apparent to me that I, too, have experienced many of the aftereffects mentioned by the 13 participants who wrote autobiographies. The process of reviewing the findings helped me to identify aspects of my own encounter and its aftereffects to which I was blind. I, as an experiencer, was unable to recognize or name aftereffects of my own encounter until I worked with other experiencers recollecting their encounters. This unexpected finding shows a benefit of working in peer groups where experiencers can be held in a safe environment and experiences can be disclosed more freely.

In her concluding remarks she wrote,
This research project has been both a moving experience and a growth-producing process for me. Not only have I contributed data to the building of a body of knowledge of religious apparitional encounters, I have also gained a better understanding about myself and my own religious apparitional encounter. The connections I have made with the multitude of people who communicated with me regarding this study have been and will be of immense value in my life. Connecting with other experiencers was a lifelong dream come true.

Understanding the immense value of this study and its importance in her life, Dr. Blinston is in the process of turning her dissertation into a book. A book will make the research findings available to people around the world and will allow them access to the stories and expressive arts of the experiencers in the study.

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